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from top to bottom: websites, scripts, ads, editorial, blog articles. 

Marc Oliver  

brand voice development | web copy | creative direction | account management

Working with a luxury Savile Row tailor has been fun. I've learned a lot about cloth, cut, canvas, and many other words that don't begin with 'c'.

The client came to me to redevelop the brand voice and image, and to rebuild his website. I sourced a top designer and a web developer, then oversaw the entire rebuild. We made it look and feel refined and self-assured, yet approachable.


Marc Oliver is still a happy client. I manage the site, consult on content strategy, write, edit and publish blog articles.


research & reporting | copy writing 

This was some of my highest stakes, most important work to date. Otta is a fast-growth recruitment tech startup based in London. Its got some grand ambitions to take over the job search market, and is already causing major disruption. 


After raising more than $20 million in venture funding, Otta launched a European scale up in 2021 before expanding into the USA & Canada in 2022. 

My task at Otta was to put my journalism skills to use, researching and creating 'Market Takes'. These short, concise analyses of companies and their market potential are a key feature of Otta's model. I look forward to working with Otta again on their next major growth spell. 

Vodacom Family First 

script writing | ad campaign messaging 

Vodacom is South Africa's leading mobile network, with a 58% market share and over 100 million customers throughout the continent. This campaign involves hosting a variety of online events, discussions, and webinars throughout 2021, on subjects spanning from parenting in the digital age, to healthy living, education, and home security. 

The aim is to drive sales through building trust with consumers using my campaign message, "Family & Home: The Strongest Connections of Them All."

My role here was four-fold: to create campaign messages, social media ad copy,  informative blurbs for landing pages, and to write scripts for the events themselves.   

Tale City

script writing | narrative story telling

This is some of my best work.


Tale City, a  travel tech start up, have some amazing ambitions. The app serves as a pocket audio guide for travel, entertainment, culture, history, and food. 

But this isn't the usual cookie-cutter travel content. All of the 60+ stories I wrote are narrative driven, propelled by a dramatic or cool hook, heavily researched,  and short

Ever tried writing the life story of Ho Chi Minh in 400 words? Or summing up modern day Saigon in under thee minutes? I have, and I'm a far better writer for it. 

All The Happier 

brand voice development | web copy